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A classic tongue in cheek EDS poster.
"Murhpy's Immutable Laws of Microanalysis" -Kevex (NORAN) Poster
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The rest of the images are by Woody, acquired after hours just for fun...

SEM Lab - ETEC AUTOSCAN, early 90s.

Fourth and Fifth graders visit the lab as part of an after school enrichment series.
The S-3500H is being installed at this time.

"Incandescent Ni / W" PseudoColored SEM image. Balance are GrayScale.

This is a seondary electron image of iron oxide crystals. Looks remarkably like a sea urchin.

End grain view of a broken wooden pencil.

Lady Bug, belly up, head to about mid-body.

A view of bacteria living on the Lady Bug.

A zoom-in series on Bread Mold.

CD-ROM data as seen by the SEM. Plastic removed to view aluminum layer.

Used spark plug electrode.

Soldering Iron tip, polished section/ BSE (composition) imaging mode.

Soldering Iron tip, elemental distribution x-ray "maps" of above image.

A filling from my (lousy) teeth. No chemical attack - Sure!

Molybdenum Disulfide, flakes. Used in lubricants and anti-sieze compounds.

Outdoor air sample (1) on filter. Bacteria?...

Outdoor air sample (2) on filter. Interesting pollen grain???

Various views of pollen collected locally.

A plant leaf - Known sometimes as "Hunter's Friend or "Rabbit Tobacco". Formal name??

The foot of a common house fly.

Rhenium metal crystals growing on a surface.

A 741 op-amp IC, internal construction and partial view of die.

A partial view of a sea urchin shell.

Common table salt.

"Tyvek" sheet.

Alloy precipitates in a superalloy weld void. Backscatter Image.

( Sort of an "adult" image ;) Used welding electrode. Two images merged.

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